Los Angeles, CA USA
I have always been driven by my passion to merge perfection and beauty in the art of audio reproduction. That was the motivation behind AGD Productions, Inc., a company of innovative talents with the commitment to channel our incredibly strong drive into something tangible that all audiophiles can experience.
In the Hi-End Audio market, many giant designers have created wonderful products, with the aim to deliver the best possible experience in the reproduction of music. With the launch of the “Gran Vivace”, “The Audion” Hi-End Monoblock amplifiers, the “Andante R2R DAC, Streamer and PHONO” Pre, AGD made its mark in the technological progress of this field. With the latest introduction of the AGD “TEMPO di GAN”, GaNPower amplifier, the AGD “ALTO” reference Analog preamplifier, the AGD “Duet” and our new top of the line AGD “SOLO” 550W monoblock, this journey, began with so much passion, is now a mission that cannot be halted.

With the opportunity to present and demonstrate the result of this passion at MUC, AXPONA, CAF, THE SHOW, and FLAX along with the superb Ocean Way Audio speakers by Allen Sides, AGD was nominated and awarded multiple times the title for the BEST ROOM of the Show.
The experience of offering to all our fellow audiophiles and visitors the novelty technology of the GaNTube sound, has been one of the most rewarding of my professional life.
We at AGD will continue to offer innovative designs and new products with the same passion and love for audio for many years to come.