We have known the engineers at 2xHD for a long time and are impressed with the work they are doing in the world of audio restoration with the 2xHD FUSION MASTERING SYSTEM, an audacious innovation designed for the most discerning audiophile seeking an immersive auditory experience that bridges the gap between reality and virtual audio realms.
Continually evolving its proprietary mastering process, 2xHD ushers in an exciting new era with 2xHD FUSION. This system ingeniously melds state-of-the-art analog technology with forward-thinking design. At its heart is the highly refined NAGRA-T Audio tape recorder, modified with high-end vacuum tube playback technology. This transformative setup is wired directly with an OCC silver cable to a carbon fiber head block, amplifying transparency, minimizing resonance, and creating a riveting 3D soundscape.
The genius of the 2xHD FUSION doesn't stop there. They utilize a modified Nagra IV-S, powered by battery, to generate a tape production that is then sent to the cutting studio. All 2xHD mastering equipment features point-to-point tube electronics. They avoid any interference by eschewing patch-bays or consoles in the signal path, and they ensure the use of the shortest possible high-end cables from Siltech and Shunyata to preserve the pristine audio quality.‎
The 2xHD VINYL collection takes this exceptional audio experience to the next level. Their vinyl's are sourced directly from first-generation analog master tapes, thus ensuring that there is no digital corruption to tarnish the pure, vintage audio experience. The cutting process takes place at the renowned Bernie Grundman Mastering Lab, utilizing their advanced tube cutting equipment.
Immerse yourself in the thrilling landscape of audio perfection. Experience the 2xHD FUSION MASTERING SYSTEM, a testament to the transformative power of cutting-edge technology and innovative design, that brings you closer to the authentic essence of sound.