If you like The Audiophile Society's 3D Mega-Dimensional Sound™, take your system to another level with BACCH4Mac. 
Audiophile Society founder David Chesky has been working with Professor Edgar Choueiri of Princeton University’s 3D Audio and Applied Acoustics Lab for many years on binaural recordings. Professor Choueiri has developed a patented technique for transparent inter-aural cross talk cancellation called BACCH 3D Sound that allows rendering stereo recordings with unparalleled 3D audio imaging from a pair of loudspeakers. Theoretica Applied Physics has teamed up with Audiophile Society to bring BACCH 3D Sound to audiophiles with BACCH4Mac, a Mac-based computer audio system that can take any 2-channel hi-fi system to an unprecedented level of 3D imaging.  
"I heard spatial presentation that was indistinguishable from real life... This is truly a breakthrough technology." - Robert Harley, Editor-in-Chief at The Absolute Sound
"Not only did the soundstage now wrap almost to my sides and was affected by my moving my head from side to side and back and forth, what I found most convincing was that the ambience, the reverberation on the recordings, was now a stable, solid halo around the performers, just as in reality. - John Atkinson, Editor-in-Chief at Stereophile
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