Welcome to the Audiophile Society your premiere place for high quality HD 3D music. The newest venture from Grammy nominee and audio pioneer David Chesky, we believe that headphones and speakers are two different experiences and to enjoy them to the maximum we must create custom 3D mixes for each with our own Mega-Dimensional Sound™ system. At the Audiophile Society, you get multiple speaker and headphone mixes for the price of one~

Choose between....

The Hi-Res PCM Package (for those that listen to PCM but want to try a DSD file ) - Includes a 192/24 kHz Mega-Dimensional Sound™ Speaker Mix, a 96/24 kHz Mega-Dimensional Sound™ Headphone Mix, and a DSD Mega-Dimensional Sound™ Speaker Mix.

DSD & 48/24 Package (for those that want DSD or can only play up to 48/24 files) - Includes a DSD Mega-Dimensional Sound™ Speaker Mix, a DSD Mega-Dimensional Sound™ Headphone Mix, a 48/24 kHz Mega-Dimensional Sound™ system Speaker Mix, and a 48/24 kHz Mega-Dimensional Sound™ Headphone Mix


"I listened to the sampler for loudspeakers, and it is without a doubt the most spacious and immersive two-channel I have yet heard."

Herb Reichert, Stereophile

"David Chesky's Mega Dimensional Sound mixes over speakers or headphones break free of the limitations of stereo."

Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophiliac

"David Chesky's new Mega-Dimensional Sound is a breakthrough for headphone enthusiasts, and for all audiophiles. Whether you're listening on headphones or speakers, you'll hear some of the most spacious and realistic sound ever recorded."

Brent Butterworth, writer for SoundStage, JazzTimes and more

"The speaker version made an electrifying impression on me. I've never heard such spatial music before!"

Marek Dusza, Muzyka Audio Poland

"I never heard anything like this out of two speakers. I was totally blown away."

Audio Legend Sandy Gross, Co-founder of Polk Audio, Definitive Technology, and GoldenEar Technology