Join audio pioneer and multiple Grammy nominee David Chesky’s new club for audiophiles who want to listen better and have fun doing it. Welcome to the Audiophile Society.

The music business has radically changed. Major labels are more concerned today with musicians’ Instagram and Tik-Tok followers than with their music. At the Audiophile Society, the newest venture from Grammy-nominee and audio pioneer David Chesky, we are returning to our roots and searching for the best under the radar talent. We’re helping artists create some of the world’s best audiophile recordings with our 3D Mega Dimensional Sound™, a breakthrough concept of separate dedicated mixes for loudspeakers and headphones.

We believe that headphones and speakers are two different experiences and to enjoy them to the maximum extent, we must create custom 3D mixes for each with our own Mega-Dimensional Sound™ system. At the Audiophile Society, you get multiple speaker and headphone mixes for the price of one.

The Hi-Res PCM Package (for those that listen to PCM but want to try a DSD file ) - Includes a 192/24 kHz Mega-Dimensional Sound™ Speaker Mix, a 96/24 kHz Mega-Dimensional Sound™ Headphone Mix, and a DSD Mega-Dimensional Sound™ Speaker Mix.

DSD & 48/24 Package (for those that want DSD or can only play up to 48/24 files) - Includes a DSD Mega-Dimensional Sound™ Speaker Mix, a DSD Mega-Dimensional Sound™ Headphone Mix, a 48/24 kHz Mega-Dimensional Sound™ system Speaker Mix, and a 48/24 kHz Mega-Dimensional Sound™ Headphone Mix



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