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 The New York Descargas: An Epochal Fusion of Afro Cuban Rhythms and 21st Century Classical Harmony! Dive deep into an unprecedented musical journey where the fervent beats of Afro Cuban music merge seamlessly with the sophisticated cadences of modern 21st Century classical harmony. The result? A breathtaking and innovative soundscape that's set to redefine the boundaries of Latin music.

Presenting The New York Descargas, an album that symbolizes a groundbreaking collaboration of three maestros, each a titan in their musical realm. This album isn't just a compilation; it's an experience, a testament to the timeless spirit of Afro-Cuban roots harmoniously intertwined with the future of classical arrangements.

The trio comprises David Chesky, a classical composer and pianist; the legendary Giovanni Hidalgo on congas; and master bassist John Benitez.

Chesky says, "I worked with Giovanni years ago in a band called 'The Body Acoustic.' Now, I wanted to rejuvenate that vibe and form this new trio. Giovanni suggested we enlist the master bassist, John Benitez, to anchor the grooves."

Each track is an auditory feast, transporting listeners from the bustling streets of Havana to the grand concert halls of New York, bridging gaps, breaking norms, and crafting a new frontier for Latin music.

Like all Audiophile Society downloads, The New York Descargas comes in a choice of two audio packages: The Hi-Res PCM Package (which includes a 192/24 speaker mix, a 96/24 headphone mix, & a DSD speaker mix) or The DSD & 48/24 Package (which includes a DSD speaker mix, a DSD headphone mix, a 48/24 speaker mix, and a 48/24 headphone mix), all in Mega-Dimensional Sound™