How do I play back files for best results ?
These recordings were created to be played back in a 60-degree equilateral triangle. Please make sure you are in the sweet spot for best results ( in the the middle and the same distance away from each speaker). Also, the better treated your room is the bigger and more spacious these recordings will sound. A properly treated and dampened room is one of the most important things you can have in your playback system. The more direct sound that hits your ears, the better the soundstage will be. We want to avoid the sound bouncing around the room before it hits your ears. Also, if you have a live room, we recommend you listen in the near field.
How do we create these files ?
We input 192/24, 96/24, DSD, and 48/24 into our mixers. No matter what the native rate is, we always mix and render the 3D sound as the highest possible sample rates to create these DSP environments. We have found in numerous listening tests a higher output sampling rate equates to a much larger and spacious soundstage, and creates more immersion, which is the goal of what we are doing. The object here is to use any device we can to increase the enjoyment of the final product for the listener. For these recordings, please listen with your ears, not a graph.

Trouble downloading a large file
Sometimes large files over 4 GB have trouble opening on some computers. We recommend using a third-party zip file opener such as the one below

Why do we offer Multiple choices in the download packages.
We offer both a Hi-Res PCM and DSD package. Some people like the sound of DSD and some prefer PCM, so we let you have both to compare. We also include a special headphone mix, as most albums are always mixed on speakers and the consumer just plays them on headphones. Our objective is to make a separate headphone mix, to try and make it as spacious and externalized as we can. The idea is to get the sound out of your head. Please keep in mind that like your fingerprints everyone has a different ear pinna. With some people it is harder to externalize headphone sources, and some people have no problem with it.