In the rich tapestry of high-end audio, the allure of electrostatic speakers has always resonated with us at The Audiophile Society. Our affection dates back to the days of the renowned KLH 9, a contemporary of the beloved QUAD ESL57. The KLH-9 was the actual first truly full range electrostatic, and was developed by David Janszen's father, Arthur A Janszen. It was put into field tests by Janszen Laboratory in '57, then brought over to KLH for production as its flagship in '59, with Arthur Janszen as CTO. Electrostatic speaker is rooted in several key attributes:

1.     Speed: The exceptional swiftness of electrostatic speakers’ response to musical stimuli ensures unparalleled accuracy.

2.     Tonal Accuracy: These speakers' detailed sound reproduction over a broad frequency range facilitates an incredibly lifelike auditory experience.

3.     Spatial Precision: An expansive, intricate soundstage, a vital factor for a truly immersive 3D music experience, is another impressive feature of these speakers.

4.     Versatility: Janszen's product lineup, with standalone speakers and integrated amp/DAC units, caters to a diverse range of audio preferences and requirements.

 Janszen Audio's fresh line of electrostatic speakers marks a significant progression in the audio technology realm. These speakers' blend of speed, tonal accuracy, and spatial precision forms an entirely new benchmark for captivating 3D musical experiences.

Janszen Audio, through its distinguished history, has consistently been at the forefront of delivering superior audio experiences. This latest evolution further propels their pioneering spirit by utilizing the quick transient response and detail resolution innate to electrostatic speaker technology.

Their riveting new product line includes standalone electrostatic speakers compatible with any amp. In an industry first, Janszen Audio also presents hybrid models incorporating integrated biamplification and DACs (Digital-to-Analog Converters). This offers an all-inclusive, effortless, high-quality audio experience.