JAVA Hi-Fi dares to do things differently, employing breakthrough technologies and unique circuit designs in a range of amplifiers that embraces innovation. Our Single Shot integrated amplifier is the world’s first integrated amplifier to use GaN FET (Gallium Nitride) transistors and the world’s first audio product to include LDRs (light dependent resistors) and GaN FET transistors in the same circuit.
All JAVA amplifiers feature an inverted PCB assembly and carefully selected materials for vibration and resonance control of the audio circuit.
We want customers to be in control of their own design, with customizable casework options and front panel finishes available on our entire product range. Select from mid-century modern finishes like ebony and copper, classic finishes such as black on black or minimalist options such as white and silver. You can even create your own individual design using our online configurator - give it a go! 
The Single Shot Integrated Amplifier (pictured) includes a USB DAC input, a MM Phono Stage input, Bluetooth connectivity, plus two pairs of RCA single ended inputs. A headphone output is included for late night listening, while volume control and source selection is available via the included all-metal remote control.
This stunning looking one-box solution has everything you require to form the heart of a system that meets all of your audio needs. Not only does it sound amazing - with all the power you could wish for - you will be proud to showcase a bespoke JAVA amplifier that has been designed to match your own personal taste and listening environment.
You can view the complete range of JAVA Hi-Fi amplifiers - including our audio separates  - on the JAVA website.