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"I loved hearing Paloma’s interpretations of these classic tunes, and David Chesky’s brilliant 3D mixes place you inside the music." - Steve Guttenburg, The Audiophilliac 

"Paloma’s soul reaches out to the listener’s soul." - Herb Reichert, Stereophile

Paloma at fourteen years of age has a voice that is way beyond her years. On these classic soul and blues standards, her use of dynamics and the way she so deeply feels the music tells such a powerful musical story.  She demonstrates she has the necessary grit, powering and phrasing to conjure up the pain and heartache the blues embodies.  It’s like all great vocalists, Paloma's vocals are passionate and haunting.

Paloma is the teenage product of two distinct cultures, American and Brazilian, and when she’s singing the blues in spite of her age, she’s an old soul.  Her voice is penetrating and coarsened, seemingly bolstered by a lifetime of experience and pain.  But in her case this is a natural gift.  Paloma’s bluesy swagger, her controlled but dynamic vibrato, and the way she tells her musical stories, is authentic yet has a touch of sentimentality, as well.

No wonder she’s is known as a fourteen year old musical phenomenon.