$18.98 USD

 “Mercurio’s interpretations were as delightful as they were unexpected... The recorded sound for these performances is crystal clear, detailed, and transparent... A unique combination of audiophile sound and excellent performances.” - Huntley Dent, Fanfare Magazine


Maestro Steven Mercurio and the Grammy-Award winning Czech National Symphony Orchestra celebrate their deep and meaningful musical relationship with an audiophile's dream recording that pairs Richard Strauss' symphonic tone poem, "Death and Transfiguration" with his masterpiece for strings, "Metamorphosen." Mercurio's dramatic, insightful musicianship reveals the emotional dynamism intended by Strauss while the intrinsically beautiful sound of the Czech National Symphony is mixed and fully-realized with The Audiophile Society's Mega Dimensional Sound™. The result is incomparable; one of the most realistic orchestral recordings ever made, and, a symphonic sound experience that fully envelops the listeners whether deployed through speakers or headphones.