$19.98 USD

Break out the velour and bell bottoms because The Audiophile Society is proud to present The Funky Buffalos. On this eponymous recording, The Funky Buffalos arrive fros' blazing with this collection of high-energy, in-your-face funk tunes.

On numbers like “People Power” and "Pumpkin," The Buffalos boast their virtuosity through kaleidoscopic solos and thick basslines. Meanwhile, the clavinets and drums on tracks like “Patchy” and “Pickles & Peanuts” make a pocket so deep that the FDA asked us to include a warning label for claustrophobes. The dulcet harmonies in “Sunday Chill” are divine, and they aren’t afraid to get tonally psychedelic on the vexing in “Big Bear” and “Buffalo Funk."

While the Funky Buffalos deliver bona fide old-school funk and soul, The Audiophile Society’s proprietary Mega-Dimensional™ sound and individualized high fidelity headphones and speaker mixes allow you to experience this timeless sound with more depth, clarity, and a more expansive sound stage than ever before. Turn your amp up and you will feel yourself aurally transported right into the center of a hazy studio live room in the 70's, in a velvet armchair, surrounded by funk masters at their peak. 

All Audiophile Society downloads come in a choice of two audio packages: The Hi-Res PCM Package (which includes a 192/24 speaker mix, a 96/24 headphone mix, & a DSD speaker mix) or The DSD & 48/24 Package (which includes a DSD speaker mix, a DSD headphone mix, a 48/24 speaker mix, and a 48/24 headphone mix), all in Mega-Dimensional Sound™