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From the second it lifts off, The Rings of Saturn is incessantly cinematic. When experienced in The Audiophile Society's proprietary 3D Mega Dimensional Sound, the sonic palette envelops every sense.  A nebula of synthesizers propels amorphous melodies while earth shattering basses roar. Suddenly you are orbiting the edge of the unknown, gazing upon a universe minute and infinite all at once, overcome with melancholy at Zero-G. The recurring ambient explorations act as cathartic breaks between epiphanies, and though solemn, they remain breathtakingly expensive. Ultimately, the masterful juxtaposition between the organic and electronic elements of the album unveils its thematic essence: The clash between the digital facets of modern life and the infinitely human parts of ourselves. The Rings of Saturn is a soundtrack for the cosmonaut in all of us, contemplating the human condition on this voyage through the anthropocene.