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As the principal English horn of the Metropolitan Orchestra in New York City, multi-instrumentalist Pedro Diaz stands distinguished as one of the pre-eminent contemporary English horn performers. In Bel Canto: Concerti for English Horn, with accompaniment from Members of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra (under the masterful direction of Ricardo Frizza), Pedro Diaz’ virtuosity brings life to compositions by Donizetti, Reicha, Pilotti, and Mares: four titans of the English Horn Repertoire.

However, Diaz’s contributions to the instrument extend beyond his performance; Concerti For The English Horn is the marvelous fruit following years of arduous academic research that has revitalized the instrument’s vivid history. During a pilgrimage to Bergamo (Donizetti's birthplace) and Bologna, Diaz uncovered the original - never before seen - orchestra parts for Donizetti's Concertino in F. The subsequent critical edition published by Diaz, and his performance captured in this recording have allowed audiences worldwide to finally hear Donizetti's seminal work for the English Horn as the composer originally intended.

Naturally, Pedro Diaz is also an Audiophile himself, you can follow his work on his Youtube Channel: de Audiofilos y Locos. The Audiophile Society has the distinct privilege of presenting Bel Canto: Concerti for the English Horn in our proprietary Mega-Dimensional™ sound. Our individualized high fidelity headphones and speaker mixes will allow you to experience these performances with more depth, clarity, and a more expansive sound stage than ever before; this immersive aural experience will place you in the best seats at an Italian concert hall more than two centuries ago, you might even try to walk down and shake hands with Donizetti himself.

All Audiophile Society downloads come in a choice of two audio packages: The Hi-Res PCM Package (which includes a 192/24 speaker mix, a 96/24 headphone mix, & a DSD speaker mix) or The DSD & 48/24 Package (which includes a DSD speaker mix, a DSD headphone mix, a 48/24 speaker mix, and a 48/24 headphone mix), all in Mega-Dimensional Sound™